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Re: [IP] Diabetes Genetic Theory for Survival

email @ redacted wrote:
> One of my Pre-med friends, well he's a Doc now, told me while he was in school
> that when he was studying Diabetes that he read that there is a theory that
> Diabetics in general have a higher than normal chance to be born than the average
> population, I guess it is a genetic predisposition for survival.  

This sounds suspicious to mean. It seems to nbe based on a bad mis-apprehension 
of reality.

The theory was
> based on the fact that since diabetes still exists in such numbers today that
> something has to explain the continuance of it especially since it used to be a
> fatal disease.  

Since it's based on generally recessive genes there's no mystery. Before there
were treatments for it those that got diabetes died, but the remaining siblings
still had children. Also, Type 2 didn't necessarily kill BEFORE or during 
child-bearing years, so the genetic inheritors of the genes involved were
born anyway.

Also, it wasn't ALWAYS a fatal disease before the discovery of insulin, at least
for Type 2s. My great-grandfather became diabetic in (roughly) 1901. He survived
till 1926, and never took insulin, but maintained himself on a starvation diet 
from age 50 to 75, dying of old age, not bad for those times. h well, so much 
for the chinaman in my ancestry (he owned a china shop in Syracuse.....)

So I would like to think that God programmed something so I would
> be more likely to be here than my non-diabetic counterparts.. Any one else hear
> this theory?

OK, feel good about it if you wish, good luck asking those that didn't get born 
because of it.....

Ted Quick
email @ redacted