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RE: [IP] Barbara's presentation

Sherri......I have discovered that for the 33 years that I've had diabetes...as with any disease...ATTITUDE is everything......hang in there.....and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your daughter.....


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More of my thoughts for what they are worth.  (and probably not much!)  

On the evening Laura was first diagnosed I kept crying and couldn't stop.  Our
doctor looked me in the eye and said "Sherri, I am not happy that she has this
but at least diabetes is something we can treat."   I snapped back at her and
said "give me a diagnosis that could be worse."  She of course launched into
the usual - Leukemia, Aids, etc.  I shut up at that point decided then and
there that no one really understood how alone and upset I felt.    

Later, I realized one of the aspects of the disease that bothered me the most
is that Diabetes is forever.  With most diseases you either get better and the
problem is resolved OR you die.  Diabetes is forever!  It is also very unique
from other diseases simply by the fact that  it affects EVERY aspect of your
life.  Having grown up as the daughter of a Type 1 Diabetic I knew "exactly"
how my life was going to change when we realized that Laura had diabetes.    

Yes, diabetes is a horrible disease but for the most part it is controllable.
I too am shocked at some of the comments friends will make say about diabetes.
However, once I explain how complex and all-consuming diabetes can be most
people are sympathetic and eager to learn more about it.   

Just during the past year I have had two friends whose children who have been
diagnosed with cancer and autism.  At this point, if I had to choose one of
their diagnosis' or the one we have been handed I will choose ours in a
heartbeat!  Now I understand the meaning behind the statement "one day at a


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