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Re: [IP] Free Style Libre

A Libre sensor is stuck on my arm. It informed me that I have 2 days 
left.B  BG is in the low 100s (I scanned twice; once just to see and once 
to add a note that I'm administering insulin).B  I trust the readings - 
they seem to be very close to fingersticks and I'm comfy without 
confirming most of the time.

My local Walgreens is my supplier and they're charging $87.99 for 2 
sensors.B  I pay OOP because Medicaid/Medicare won't.B  The reader cost 
$84.99.B  Quite a bit cheaper than the Dexcom, which I also had to pay 
for by myself. A doctor prescribed a new drug for me in October and 
Dexcom also decided to ship a box of sensors to my home when I wasn't 
there.B  Either one or both caused some very wild readings on the Dexcom, 
which doesn't seem to be the case on the Libre.

So far, so good!

Denise Br.

On 12/23/2017 4:34 AM, email @ redacted 
> So is this a real thing? Or just another pipe dream that "will be 
> available some day"
> And is it prohibitively expensive, etc. o9r you need a prescription, etc.
> https://www.freestylelibre.us/
> .
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