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[IP] Re: (IP) infusion sets

 Been there re everything you say. A dozen years ago I had to switch to Novolog
because of an allergy to Humalog reacting with the plastic cannula of the sets.
It was fine by syringe. Also, for my first decade of pumping I did fine with
straight in sets in my stomach and then when that stopped working I switched to
new sites on my love handles and butt. Next came the switch to Silhouettes
everywhere including adding my stomach back into the rotation. I was only using
the inserter with the Sils because it was too hard and too painful pushing it
all the way through my skin manually.

 Then two years ago I started having lots of problems with the Sils so in
desperation I had a Minimed trainer come to my house. She spent a long time with
me, gave me samples of all the other sets, reviewed my insertion technique with
the Sils (both manually and with the Serter), showed me new sites on my back
with the help of my partner. Between changing my insertion technique (I was
pinching up my skin too narrowly and had the Serter angled wrong) and using my
back in order to give the other sites a break I had a huge improvement. After a
couple of months I added my stomach in the mix again but this time inserting
manually (I also started putting moisturizing lotion on my stomach every day
which made manual insertion much easier and less painful). I also tried the
various straight in sets but as reported, had problems with those.

 Since I made the above changes things have been way better overall with the
Sils, but I still get very frustrated sometimes. Even now with the Sils certain
spots aren't working as well anymore due to overuse or lying on them the wrong
way or something. Just last week I had several days in the 300's because I tried
the Sils on the side of my butt/thigh and during the night I guess I rolled on
them too much. Of course I never had any alarms and the cannulas looked fine
when I removed them, but the sites were all hard and red so I know that was the
problem. I was scheduled for an A1c this week but I put it off until the end of
January because I knew it would be bad due to those days with bad sites plus
being sick for a few days. These site problems are why I can never get my A1C
below the sevens.

 We really need a whole new delivery mechanism for insulin. A pump vacation
wouldn't work for me because from 11pm to 4am my basal is .475 but during the
day it's .7. Plus I use temp basal all the time for exercise.

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 > On Dec 31, 2015, at 10:43 AM, insulin-pumpers-digest
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> Another thing (mentioned here before) is resistance/allergy type
> reactions/symptoms, to the metal/plastic set tips, tape or even insulin, AND,
> sometimes to something a person has been using successfully, for some
> time....like buildup up of tolerance?
> There are so many variables for sets (not even mentioning omnipods!) length,
> angle, material, tape
 > Others (on the list) gave described similar issues, and a change in the
 > itself seemed to right the 'bad' set issues, increased unexplainable highs,
> Might be worth a shot...er, try?!
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