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[IP] Infusion Sets

 Reading what everyone has to say about thin people and failure rates makes me
feel better. I mentioned here recently that I am having issues too frequently
with absorption from manually-inserted Silhouettes. I don't know what else to
try. The Sure-T, straight-in, metal sets caused my BG to rise above 300 very
rapidly. Even Medtronic said I should not try them again. Should I try the Mios?
I am actually considering going back to OmniPod, which I last used in 2007. It
has a short, plastic, straight-in set. I am also having trouble with air bubbles
in my reservoir, and when a Medtronic rep listened to me describe the filling of
a reservoir, while I did it, she found no fault in my technique. OmniPods get no
air bubbles, ever. I know that. I like my Enlites, but a switch to OmniPod would
necessitate a switch to DexCom. I am just plain feeling frustrated that all my
efforts to improve my A1C to pre-pumping numbers are failing! One good bit of
news - apparently I had uploaded my two iPads to iCloud before forgetting the
passwords. I lost no data at all!


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