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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers- pump questions

 < No, I don't think anyone is talking about the 6 mm vs the 9 mm for thin
They mean the 6 mm straight- in sets vs the angled sets like the
Silhouette/Comfort style.>

 Pam, this is exactly what I have heard. Thank you for clarifying this. Now
yesterday I went through this exact thing:
 Good site died in two days (apparently). Changed site to be sure, BG didnt go
down. Hubby insisted it was my new pump. No, changed the cartridge and
everything and BG still high. Changed the site I had just put in and finally,
well, woke up to lows this morning. Up till 3:30 am with this mess.
 Sites are dying or rejecting, and I am not even using the 90 degree sets! Your
experience reflects what I keep hearing. And I found literature from Roche to
back up the theory that thin people have trouble with 90 degree sets.
 This stinks because my new TSlim is actually providing me with really really
good numbers, but the bad site problems are getting in the way.
 I've got steel needle set samples on order from my rep. I dont really want to
try them, but I have no other ideas,
I'm very frustrated with infusion sets.
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