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[IP] Spies? Dexcom Spies, Attention!

IMO, most companies have somebody listening to all the chatter. Heck, on 
the FB t-slim group, we have Enid, who doesn't post much. She works for 
Tandem, but she's entitled to join because she wears a t-slim. It's good.

The replacement transmitter for the Dex arrived a half hour ago.  No 
return envelope for the bad boy, so I will be calling.  Kit in Tech 
Support said that they'd be sending a return label so that they can look 
at the transmitter that gave me a Low Battery Alert after 2 days. 
Sheesh!  So much for 6 months.

I didn't feel like changing my sensor now (You'd think that Dexcom could 
have put a free sensor in the box, since their instructions are not to 
swap out the transmitter if the sensor is already stuck into you.) 
Surprise!  It's doable.  It's easy to snap the transmitter out of the 
sensor tray by pulling the prongs apart. It's a bit more difficult and 
more painful to snap the transmitter back without the prong thingie that 
snaps off.  I did consider digging in the trash to fine a used one just 
to see if I could reattach it, but that could get messy.  I had to lie 
down so the transmitter wouldn't fall and since I only use my tummy for 
sensors, I could use both hands.  Now I'll have to see if pushing and 
tugging damaged the sensor needle.

Another thing to consider is that the Fed Ex box was cold, the G4 box 
was cold, and the transmitter also felt cold to the touch.  If Kit's 
best guess is that the first transmitter was over exposed to cold 
temperatures, this second transmitter might have the same problem.

We'll see!

Denise Br.
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