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RE: [IP] "Insurance Company Lays Out Obamacare Tax Hikes"

Thanks Jan and Elvis

John S Wilkinson
Rome, NY

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Townhall is not the source. It is quoting from the New York Post, which, it
appears, wrote its article based on a blog at Kaiser Health News (see

Would you give the same warning re: an article by the New York Times or the
Washington Post? They're pretty left-leaning, you know.

Jan and Elvis

Reporter's Notebook

Alabama Blue Cross Shares Obamacare Tax Woes With Customers

Insurance companies aren't crazy about their share of the health law's
taxes, but mostly they've complained to politicians and regulators.

At least one health plan wants to bring consumers into the loop.

"Affordable Care Act Fees and Taxes" is a separate line item on bills Blue
Cross Blue Shield of Alabama is sending to individual customers.

The tax amount is $23.14 a month, or $277.68 annually, on a statement one
subscriber shared with Kaiser Health News.  That's added to the "Current
Amount Due for Benefits" of $322.26, for a total monthly premium of $345.40
for one person.

Taxes have been part of health plan costs for decades. Economic theory says
business taxes are often borne by consumers in the form of higher prices.

But insurers haven't typically published taxes on their invoices, says Mark
Hall, a law professor at Wake Forest University.

"One thing that bothers me is attributing any amount specifically to the
'Affordable Care Act,'" he said via email. "There are also state premium
taxes, and normal corporate and sales taxes, none of which are itemized the
same way."

He also questioned whether Alabama Blue Cross would have been able to
calculate the amount so precisely.

Obamacare backers say the taxes are critical to the health law, which stands
to bring insurers billions in new premium revenue. They point out that
federal subsidies will help many consumers pay not just the taxes but big
portions of the premiums.

 Read the rest of this entry at http://capsules.kaiserhealthnews.org/

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From: Mary Richman
Sent: Saturday, December 28, 2013 10:14 AM Just to let people on this list
know that the source for this link
is not an unbiased news site. It is hardcore right-wing so whatever is in
the article should be taken with that in mind.
--Mary Richman
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