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Re: [IP] Kaiser NW - New policy for hospital admittance for pumpers

Annabella wrote, in part:
> "In most cases you will need to disconnect your pump
> upon admission to the hospital & give it to a family member
> for safekeeping"
> This is very black & white, what about if I am admitted for
> a procedure that does not require full anaesthesia & I am
> perfectly awake, <snip>

Steven replied, in part, with:
> I write the following with these caveats:
> 1. This was 22 years ago;
> 2. This was Kaiser California.

>The ER doctor apparently didn't know the proper way to treat
> hypoglycemia

I offer another scenario: This has nothing to do with Kaiser, however I 
think the experience is legion. I am on dialysis and my heartologist put me 
on a new med and I'm having an awful time with it. At least 5 
contraindications with it. On C'mas day I was 43 BG and a few hours later 
60. I know I over corrected then, however I went to 489 that evening and 
stayed high for many hours; I bolused and took a test every 45 min. When I 
went to the D treatment 2 days later, I had them draw blood for me to test - 
280BG  - I took my correction bolus for that. Two hours later I was 127BG. 
Since I had dropped that much from the previous 2 days I had a snack-size 
Butterfinger just to be safe. I had about a half hour of tx left. The 
technician wanted me to go to the ER when I left. I said no, since I've been 
pumping 30 years, I should be able to take care of it. Besides, most of the 
ER doctors don't know how to treat pumpers. Came home and now have been 
running around 170-179 with only a few bites of food and correcting with 
each one.

BTW, of my 17 mixed pills a day, I have had only a very few over the last 
4-5 days since most are to be taken with food, and I'm not going to take 
anymore of the 1/2 dose of the new med Rx'd for me. The pill is not worth 
the problems.  Not having taken those other ones will, I'm sure, cause more 
problems. ;-(

I just don't trust all ER doctors.

Blessings and Sonshine for a Happy New Year.

Jan & Muskers- T-1, 11/5/50, pumping 8/23/83, Dialyzing 7/8/02
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