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Re: [IP] Kaiser NW - New policy for hospital admittance for pumpers

 Id fight it. Your less work as a patient if you can do your own " stuff". Your
more able to heal , for whatever reason if your BS is normal.
 Why switch from one schedule ( the pump) to a complete new one for shots... For
what. 1 or 2 days ?

 I can understand if your in a coma. Or major surgery .. But ... Even during my
surgery I wore my pump.



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> On Dec 28, 2013, at 7:57 PM, "Annabella Lewis" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> A few days before Christmas I received a letter from the Endocrinology
> department at Kaiser
> NW. It stated that I was receiving this letter because I use an insulin pump.
> It then detailed
> their new policy for hospital admittance for pumpers.
> I quote:
 > "KPNW Hospitalsa have a strong commitment to excellent management of diabetes
 > hyperglycemia for patients admitted to our hospitals. ....... Patients who
> acutely ill,
> sedated or in surgery are generally not able to saafely & adequately manage
> their pumps, &
> most hospital staff are not familiar enough with pump therapy to take over
> managing &
> troubleshooting your pump" 
> I agree with most of the above. But it goes on:
> "In most cases you will need to disconnect your pump upon admission to the
> hospital & give
> it to a family member for safekeeping" 
> This is very black & white, what about if I am admitted for a procedure that
> does not require
 > full anaesthesia & I am perfectly awake, I would prefer to continue using
> therapy with
 > which I am familiar that go to MDI. In recovery after an operation, as soon
> I am able I want
 > to take control of my own blood sugar testing & insulin dosing again & I can
> that better on
> the pump. They say the pump is to be disconnected on admission, they don't
> mention what
> alternate treatment will be provided. An hour or so later basal insulin will
> start to disappear.
> What do other people think? Am I being stupid to be scared by this letter? Is
> this just Kaiser
 > NW or do other Kaiser regions have similar policies? Do all hospitals have
> policies?
 > I see the Endo at the end of January so I want some ammunition to confront
> Annabella 
> .
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