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Re: [IP] Kaiser NW - New policy for hospital admittance for pumpers

On 12/28/2013 04:57 PM, Annabella Lewis wrote:
 > "KPNW Hospitalsa have a strong commitment to excellent management of diabetes
 > hyperglycemia for patients admitted to our hospitals. ....... Patients who
> acutely ill,
>   sedated or in surgery are generally not able to saafely & adequately manage
> their pumps, &
>   most hospital staff are not familiar enough with pump therapy to take over
> managing &
> troubleshooting your pump"
> I agree with most of the above. But it goes on:
>   "In most cases you will need to disconnect your pump upon admission to the
> hospital & give
> it to a family member for safekeeping"

I had two "outpatient" surgeries and a hospitalization for a possible 
concussion within the past 15 months. All three were at the KP hospital 
in Anaheim CA. The surgeries required full anestesia. In all three cases 
I wore and used my pump full time and managed my testing, basils and 
boluses myself. We used my meter and I provided the nurses with the 
readings for their records. I actually had to teach several of them how 
a pump worked.

The only time I removed the pump was for an MRI. I did have to consult 
with both the surgeon and anesthesiologist about settings and infusion 
set placement to insure it would not be in the way. I totally refused to 
allow any insulin treatment by staff when I was awake. I did have the 
anesthesiologist administer insulin during the first surgery as I went 
extremely high (following the instruction of the so called endo who gave 
me the pre-op physical and had me cut my basils by 60%) After that I set 
my own routine for the second surgery with no corrections needed.

The same held true for non-surgical hospitalizations for staph 
infections at   St Joseph Hospital in Orange CA, and I again had to 
provide info of BG readings and insulin dosages for bolus to the nursing 

Feel free to ask any other questions about this if you wish.

Best wishes,

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