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Re: [IP] Certificate of medical necessity

 Ever since I started pumping my biggest problem has been the plastic infusion
sets. Shots always worked, but not so with the pump. Last week I went through
almost all my remaining quicksets trying to get one to work, with no success.
  In desperation I found an old sample sure T
 and decided to try it. I had tried one once after carefully following
instructions and it did not work.
 Anyhow, this time I peeled off the paper by the needle and inserted it in
almost exactly the same way as I did with shots and I never felt it. Since then
my insulin delivery has been perfect, and now I am almost ready for my third
sure T insertion.

 With the quick sets, at best on the second day my tests always became elevated
and caused me to have unstable results. For me, the sure T is a real find.


On Dec 28, 2013, at 11:35 AM, Urb Anism <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Today I removed an infusion set after over a week of wear. Absorption was
> poor, and there was a nasty red mark. "Ooh, this was a really bad one," I
> said to myself. Oh well.  Except...
> About three weeks ago, I visited my CDE. She did not approve of my extended
> use of pump infusion sets. I told her: " I'm not taking Lantus. I will wear
> the infusion sets for a month, rather than take 5 shots a day." I was
> calm--even cheerful--when I said this. "I use donated infusion sets from
> IP--and I make them last."
> I had a visit with my endo about a week later. He told me that the CDE Had
> started the process of a "certificate of medical necessity." He was also
> highly critical of my infusion set use. By which, in short, and
> consequently with this certificate,
> I didn't believe them. I even called the third party supplier to
> confirm, still not really believing...
> Well, the USPS just knocked on my door to deliver a small box
> containing exactly one months's worth of reservoirs and infusions sets.
> I'm in shock. I thought I'd believe it when I saw it, but I still don't
> believe or trust this.
> Thanks,
> B
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