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Re: [IP] Has MM Changed?

My old pump died, and I had to get a loaner from MM. When my new pump
arrived, I returned the loaner pump. Minimed charged me $3000 for the
loaner. I could not get anything from them, because of this charge. This
went on for over a year--I had too many other things on my plate to deal
with it, after several attempts to resolve it. So, I became $3000 in debt
to MM.

About four months ago, I called Minimed Customer Service to address their
error. The rep switched me to accounts. The accounts rep
"discovered"--while I was on the phone--that the pump had been returned,
but that the department that received it "hadn't told anyone."

On Wednesday, December 25, 2013, wrote:

> MiniMed has become so hopeless. The left hand doesn't know what the right
> hand
> is doing. One  person says that since I am on Medicare, someone from down
> in
> AL, will call me. Then I start getting messages from somewhere in ID, from
> MM.
> After waiting weeks for infusion sets, I called twice. First time I was
> told
> that it now takes weeks to get an order because of Medicare. Second time I
> spoke to a lady who actually knew what she was doing. She looked up my
> insurance info. and realized that my plan is not Medicare, but a Medicare
> Advantage Plan. That is a whole different animal. I got my supplies within
> 2
> days. This was after waiting 3 weeks and not one word from MM, they did not
> follow up to see what the problem is. My CDE put in an order for a Revel
> for
> me, months ago. MM lost my testing logs and wanted more. As it turns out,
> since I am not using Medicare I don't even need to supply them with
> anything
> outside of the C-Peptide test. I  am seriously considering canceling my
> order
> and getting a pump from another company. MM never used to be like this. I
> just
> don't want to deal with them under these conditions.
> Maribeth
> .
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