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[IP] Heart FYI

Hi everyone,
I'm a 55 year old type 1 and have been on insulin for 37 years (pumping for 
last 13). A couple of months ago I started having severe heartburn when I 
was exercising at the gym, carrying groceries from the car to my apartment 
and it didn't seem to be food related. My gastroenterologist tried me on a 
couple of acid reduction prescription drugs but I was still drinking 
antacids, eating tums. Last time I went (last week) he told me that I have 
to clear my heart before he proceeds with an endoscope. I had a stress test 
and lasted five minutes, the ekg went haywire, saw the cardiologist the next 
day and the day after went to have a catheterization to see if anything was 
going on. It wasn't heartburn, turned out that 95% of one of my major 
arteries was blocked! I had to stints put in to open it. What a week! I got 
home yesterday (I was there overnight) and reality didn't kick in until 
today and I'm pretty freaked out. Anyway just wanted you to know that 
heartburn isn't always what it seems. Merry Xmas everyone. Candice 
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