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Re: [IP]T:slim - a report

I like this! I'm trying next change out.

Denise Br.
On 12/21/2013 1:04 PM, Pumpguy wrote:
> Jeff,
> Several times, I've filled a cartridge and took the filled cartridge 
> and popped it in when my catridge in my tslim runs dry. This is what I 
> do.
> 1. Open a new cartridge
> 2. Open a new syringe
> 3. Use the syringe to suck all of the air out of the cartridge. (this 
> is a key step or you will bust the cartridge when you fill it with 
> insulin)
> 4. Fill syringe with insulin and then fill cartridge.
> 5. Place filled cartridge with new tubing in a ziploc.
> When I need to replace the cartridge this is the procedure.
> 1. Find a quite bench somewhere (Not in a bathroom)
> 2. Start the load process.
> 3. At the point that it asked to fill insulin, just continue past it 
> because the insulin is already filled.
> 4. fill tubing and then reconnect.
> I don't prefill days in advance, but I do it quite regularly the 
> morning that I'm going to change cartridges and I haven't had a problem.
> Pumpguy
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