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Re: [IP]T:slim - a report

Jeff,  there is a t-slim users group on Facebook that discusses t-slim 
issues as its primary focus and diabetes in general as its secondary.  
Not to steal people away from IP, but the FB group is another resource.  
At the same time, a person could join the Insulin Pumpers FB group. What 
a deal!  There are several IP people who are in both groups.

You could upload your pump and BG readings (provided that you're using a 
meter that is on the uploadable list) to t-connect and get your average 
prime amount and average daily insulin use.  Then instead of 300 units, 
fill to an even number of days, plus the prime amount, plus the amount 
that seems to be left in the cartridge after the t-slim read zero, plus 
whatever you feel like adding for a safety cushion.  Tandem people would 
say do three days, because that's what the FDA says, but neither Tandem 
nor the FDA pays for our supplies.

I hope that you know what amount of insulin is left in the cartridge 
after it allegedly runs out.  Mine seem to be normally 40 units, but 
it's been as low as 10 and as high as 80 (yikes!).  Mine would be 50 X 
4, plus 20, plus 40, plus 10.  That said, I just changed out, putting in 
250 units and my t-slim lost 45 units and read 185, with a prime amount 
of 19..  I would just make sure to carry a couple of syringes and draw 
the insulin that I know is in the cartridge and just take a couple of 
injections.  You can in a pinch reuse a cartridge, but it's not 
recommended.  Happens to all of us when changing and we accidentally 
start over again!

Knowing that you're on the end of a very long road and it's a long drive 
to Marquette, I am curious what your backup plan is if the power goes out?

Denise Br.

On 12/19/2013 1:04 PM, Jeff wrote:
> However, as a pumper that used to suck the insulin out of old tubing 
> before priming for new tubing,  the T:slim uses more insulin than the 
> Ping by design.  If I am facing a day of shopping with 20 units in my 
> Ping, I would rewind the pump, attach the needle and handle and refill 
> the cartridge adding insulin to the 20 units.  With the T:slim the 
> cartridge is not refillable leaving me with a decision.  Throw away 
> the 20 units and insert and fill a new cartridge.  Or, take the new 
> cartridge, syringe, needle and bottle of insulin and find a public 
> bathroom when my pump runs dry.
> For me, a full cartridge (300 units) lasts 4.62 days or so. And the 
> above decision seems to occur often enough to mention here.
> Jeff Gamble
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