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Re: [IP]T:slim - a report

So I graduated from a Ping to the T:slim.  I love the digital interface - I 
can read all of the numbers without my readers.  I love being able to enter 
36 carbs as"36" and not using the up arrow 36 times.  I like that I can 
enter my meter reading, and add it to my bolus for a snack at the same time.

However, as a pumper that used to suck the insulin out of old tubing before 
priming for new tubing,  the T:slim uses more insulin than the Ping by 
design.  If I am facing a day of shopping with 20 units in my Ping, I would 
rewind the pump, attach the needle and handle and refill the cartridge 
adding insulin to the 20 units.  With the T:slim the cartridge is not 
refillable leaving me with a decision.  Throw away the 20 units and insert 
and fill a new cartridge.  Or, take the new cartridge, syringe, needle and 
bottle of insulin and find a public bathroom when my pump runs dry.

For me, a full cartridge (300 units) lasts 4.62 days or so. And the above 
decision seems to occur often enough to mention here.

Jeff Gamble
Big Bay Lighthouse B & B
P O Box 3
Big Bay MI 49808

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