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Re: [IP] Medicare and pump rental.

Why would anyone want to "rent" an insulin pump?

I have had 4 pumps since 1999. The first was before I was on Medicare 
and was paid in full outright by Secure Horizons. The next came under 
Medicare and I had the choice of renting for 13 months before owning it, 
paid for in full by Medicare, or an outright purchase. paid for entirely 
by ME. Medicare policy was (is?) rental for 13 months ans then choose to 
continue renting or own the pump at no cost. My last two pumps were 
under Medicare and I was not asked about purchase or rental so I do not 
know what the policy is. All I know is I had no cost to me.

Yes, MM as do other company updates their pumps every few years, but 
Medicare will pay for a new pump only every five years. An upgrade to a 
new model. except as in the case of the Enlite system automatic upgrade 
for pumps bought after Jan 2013, would be entirely at your expense.

Every pump I received on purchase was NEW> Referbrished pumps were 
supplied as warranty replacements. These pumps go through exactly the 
same testing and certification programs as a new pump before being 
issued (FDA rules). The Enlite pump is only a software modification to 
the Revel pump. It had to undergo a testing and certification program 
under the FDA as though it was a brand new pump. This is where the major 
cost lies.

I have had talks with the Carelink software developers about porting the 
program to other operating systems. If so much as ONE BIT (1 or 0) is 
changed it must be retested and recertified as a completely new program.

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