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Re: [IP] Medicare and pumps

My pump is now a couple of years old.  Simply because I was changing to
Medicare for primary, Minimed refused to talk to me directly after having had
a history of 3 Minimed pumps.  The third parties were not connected to my
secondary insurance.  This meant if I dealt with them, most of the cost would
fall on me needlessly. We went around and around.  I ended up with Animas for
two reasons.  First I had consistently had problems in the last year of
warranty with my minimed pumps and it was getting worse with each pump (your
experience may vary).  Every couple months the last year I had to have the
minimed replaced with a refurbished one due to motor failure.  So being a geek
looking into mean time between failure, my humble opinion combined with the
fact that Animas would deal with me directly  (despite both companies having
contracts with my secondary insurance),  I switched to Animas.  The entire
thing was very frustrating.  I had to get the
 supervisors on my secondary to contact both Minimed and Animas. I do speak
fairly decent English. 

Animas has been really good to deal with as had Minimed before this last
incident.  Ironically Minimed started calling me  18 months after the fact to
replace my pump despite my not purchasing supplies for over a year.  The only
thing I miss is that I lied the Minimed menu better but attribute it to brand
trade offs. 

So sorry folks... I get a little frustrated with the general FUD (Fear
Uncertainty and Doubt) that falls into all of our paths.  It just seems more
arduous then reasonable to sort through unnecessary FUD.    Sorry for the
tirade....I just think all of us face it to a ridiculous extent and it is a
waste of stress, anxiety  and effort  despite the need to forge through. 

For all who forge through,  Hurray!!!  Keep on Trucking!

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