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Re: [IP] New and hoping for a pump.

It's not stupid at all. I don' t think I have had ANY tests to determine 
what type I am. I am fat, therefore I am type 2, right? I don't think my 
current endocrinologist would order them because she seems to discount 
everything I say. Even before I knew I had a tumor, I asked her if I 
might have a hormone problem and she immediately said no and didn't 
order any tests. My CDE though is great even though she works for the 
lady.  I wonder if she would order the tests without consulting the 
endo.  I personally wonder if I'm not late onset type 1 and have for a 
long time. I don't understand why doctor's don't get that we have been 
in our bodies longer than they have been practicing medicine.

My nephrologist today confirmed he thinks I have a pheochromocytoma. It 
is a very rare hormone releasing adrenal tumor. Mine is producing more 
than 3.5x the upper limits of normal noradrenalin, which does play a 
role in glucose control, although I am still not exactly sure how.  He 
is referring me to a urology surgeon.  I am a little concerned that this 
surgeon is a urologist and not an endocrinologist. We are after all, 
dealing with hormones. I guess when I meet him, I will have to ask him 
his experience with these tumors.

I did talk to my endocrinologist about the results of my blood tests for 
this tumor and she just shrugged and said she saw them before I asked 
her and "it's because I smoke". (Yes I am actively trying to quit, its 
very hard even more so when you have tons of adrenalin in your system) 
She wouldn't give me the time of day to discuss it or anything.  I have 
blood tests from a few months before when I was smoking the same amount 
on the same exact dosages of the same meds and the levels were right at 
the edge of high normal. I don't think her "smoking" explanation stands 
ground very well, nor do I find anything in scientific literature that 
supports that.

I may have to switch endocrinologists or at least get a second opinion 
with another. If I do leave that would mean also leaving my CDE. :(  So 
sure send me along the name of a good endocrinologist. I am in the 
Phoenix area.

On a good note I did get an email back today from the Charles Ray III 
Diabetes Association asking for my prescription and saying they would be 
glad to help me with a pump. Calling my CDE when she is open this 
morning to make sure that gets done today or tomorrow. :)

On 12/4/2013 8:01 AM, Susan Lane wrote:
> Louree, this may be a really stupid question, but have you had all of the
> tests to determine if you might be a type 1 diabetic.  I was originally
> diagnosed with type 2, but I went and had further testing and found out
> that I'm a type 1 for sure.  I am also in Arizona and if you would like to
> speak or a referral for a good endocrinologist, please let me know.  Susan
> On Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 6:35 AM, SomeoneSomewhere <email @ redacted> wrote:
>> My name is Louree Carter. I am 42 and type 2 insulin dependent. I have
>> been following along reading posts for a week or so trying to get a feel of
>> this list. I am not a pumper as of yet. I applied to the Charles Ray III
>> Diabetes Association for a pump last week. My insurance, medicaid in
>> Arizona, doesn't cover the pump for anyone over 21, but strangely does
>> cover the supplies. They also cover the One Touch UltraLink meter/strips as
>> the only linking meter, but I found out that the meter has been
>> discontinued. They don't cover any CGM's. I really think they do that just
>> to discourage people from using the pump. My medical bills in the last
>> month from diabetes related stuff alone has cost them more than a new pump
>> twice over I am sure. Let's not even go into what it's cost them in the
>> last year!  It makes no sense to me.
>> I am really frustrated. My diabetes is really out of control. I have been
>> swinging from ~400 to ~170 several times a day. Sometimes I go as high as
>> 580, and I have been in the ICU for HHNS. My last a1c was 9.9 and
>> everything we do doesn't seem to matter much. My CDE changed my Levemir to
>> twice a day and I am swinging a little less. I am hoping with a steady
>> basal dose 24 hours a day I won't swing wildly at all and I will feel a lot
>> better. I have just about every known complication of diabetes short of
>> blindness and amputation, although luckily at this point they are all mild
>> to moderate.
>> I have an appointment today to find out the status of my kidneys and also
>> to find out what is going on with my known adrenal tumor. I am being tested
>> for a pheochromocytoma. From what I have read, that in itself could be
>> causing my diabetes to be so out of control. We will see.
>> Anyways I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know what my
>> situation is.
>> Take care everyone,
>> Louree
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