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[IP] Air Bubbles/t:slim

I had an extra empty syringe with me when I changed my cartridge and set 
tonight.  The t:slim give step-by-step instructions for removing the old 
cartridge, installing the new, filling the new cartridge, filling the 
tubing...you get the idea.  When the new cartridge is installed, the 
display says that it's removing air from the cartridge - well, actually 
the plastic bag inside the hard plastic housing.  I added a step right 
after that one:  I stuck the clean, empty syringe in the top and pulled 
back on the plunger.  After that, I inserted the syringe with the 
insulin into the membrane and filled the cartridge.

In my opinion, there was less resistance while filling the cartridge 
(Sometimes when you get near the last units in the syringe, it gets 
really difficult to push anymore.) and I had fewer bubbles.  There were 
still bubbles, just not anywhere near as many as usual.

Denise B.
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