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[IP] Inserting needles in vials

I have had T-1 IDDM since 195, meaning I used many a glass syringe inserted 
into vials. We were taught to leave the vial on the table, withdraw air into 
the syringe, then poke the needle into the vial so as to NOT make air 
bubbles in the vial.

Many pumpers complain of air bubbles, why are some people making them on 
purpose??? I believe nurses in school are taught to keep the vial on the 
table to insert the correct amount of displacement air.

Jan & Muskers- T-1, 11/5/50, pumping 8/23/83, Dialyzing 7/8/02
http://tinyurl.com/JansBooks  http://tinyurl.com/evolutionofpumps
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