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Re: [IP] Your favorite lancet device

Wow, I am impressed.  Testing while hold a hiking pole.  I use two poles,
so I'm not sure I can accomplish this feat, but I will give it a try.  I
actually had to get used to not pushing a button first and find it easiest
to push the Fastclix against my stomach and shoot it into my finger.  I
also have many drums left from the Multiclix, but I use both gadgets, as I
keep one in my gym bag, one in the kitchen, one in my purse, and one in my
outdoor sports bag.

And, don't feel bad about wasting the meters and only using the Fastclix.
I did the same thing and I have quite a few meters that I don't use as I
prefer the One Touch Ultra Mini.

So, if anyone out there in IP land needs a meter, let me know which one you
like and maybe I have one.  I'd be happy to have someone make use of them.

On Mon, Dec 31, 2012 at 2:58 PM, Laddie <email @ redacted> wrote:

>  Like others, I am a fan of the Multiclix. Now that they haves the
> Fastclix, I
> don't know whether the Multiclix is still available. I still have tons of
> drums
> left for the Multiclix and they are not compatible with the Fastclix, so I
> won't
> be changing anytime soon.
>  I will have to confess that I got my big supply of Multiclix lancet
> devices by
> purchasing Accu-Chek meters when they are free with rebates. I never use
> the
> meters and finally just tossed some of the really old ones. It is a very
> wasteful practice, but the lancet devices by themselves never seem to go on
> sale. Very often it was the choice of paying $30 for a Multiclix by itself
> or
> buying the meter with the Multiclix for free.
>  The first time I'm tried the One Touch Delica if absolutely killed me.
> Turned
> out that the lancet was either defective or inserted incorrectly. Later on
> when
> I tried another lancet, I actually liked it OK.
>  One reason I really like the Multiclix is that it's very easy to operate
> one-handed. I hike a lot and can test ( using my meter attached to my belt)
> while moving without forcing the rest of the group to stop. Pretty good,
> since I
> have a hiking pole in one hand and it is truly a one-handed operation.
> .
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