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Re: [IP] ReL Medtronic Revel 523


One thing I want you to be aware of -- the 523 does NOT have a bigger
cartridge/reservior than the Animas.  The 523 and the 723 Revel are the same
pump with CGM combo, but the 523 has a reservoir that is just under 200 units,
which may be too small for you based on the fact that you specifically
mentioned that, and the 723 has a ~300 unit reservoir.  So you will definitely
want to get the 723 if you go with the Medtronic pump/CGM combo.  Remember
that all other aspects of the 523 and the 723 are the same other than the
reservoir size.


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Sent: Thu, Dec 6, 2012 8:11 pm
Subject: [IP] ReL Medtronic Revel 523

 Thanks so much for all of your great replies. I think I have learned that I
would benefit from a device that combines the CGM with the pump and that I
to give the Medtronic a trial before I finally decide that it is effective
me. I will have to work out something with the sales representative to assure
that I can return the device if I determine that it doesn't meet my needs. I
also need to hang onto my Animas 2020 for that time despite the fact that I
receiving a $500 credit for trading it in.

 Do you currently use a CGM? Because if you do, remember, you're still doing
separate site changes. I use a Ping -- the current Animas -- and a Dexcom CGM.
change the sensor every two weeks (just started my second week with this one)
and the way I do it now is by switching sides of my abdomen every two weeks.
 I do not currently use a CGM. If I would be able to change the sensor every
days at minimum, I could live with working two sites simultaneously.

 Is your doctor buying (and using) the pump? No? Then who cares what the DOC
likes? Get what YOU want.
 My fundamental issue is whether to go the CGM+pump route. I'm not sure if I
want to stay with the pump only, the pump and CGM, and then Medtronic or
Animas+Dexcom. The replies have tilted me toward the pump/CGM combo, and the
Medtronic but not decisively, hence the desire for a trial period.

 I also have the cgms but after about 2 years of having 2 sites to change I
prefer to just use my meter.
 If I'm going to use just the meter, I will stick with the Animas 2020, with
which I am very satisfied.

 The big factor for me was thAt the reservoir holds 300 units on the MM pump
does not have to be changed as often as some other pumps on the market.
 I only average about 30-35 units of insulin per day so the 523 seems the way
go for me.

 Animas is awaiting the approval of their new pump that will integrate with
If I knew for sure that it was forthcoming, I would wait.

 I have the Medtronic 723 and I love it. I don't have the CGMS becasue I
wnt to have two sites to change.
 I would only consider the Medtronic if used in conjunction with the CGM. My
current Animas suffices.

 On the Medtronic pump you can set the CGM alarms anywhere you want and you
also turn them totally off if you choose, or you can just choose to turn on
of the alarms.
I didn't know that and it makes me more positive about the Medtronic.

 The Medtronic CGM insertion needle is bigger than the Dexcom version, but I
think the overall CGM installation is lower in profile.
 I watched a Youtube video on the Medtronic CGM insertion and it didn't look
bad. I think I could handle it. The amount of information you describe as
available seems really worthwhile and worth the effort.

Again, thanks to all of you for the great response.
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