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[IPn] Gift Card for Xmas?

Hello friends of Insulin Pumpers,

An interesting opportunity that can benefit you as well as Insulin 
Pumpers. We have teamed up with Charitytick.com, a site that allow 
generous people like yourself to bid on valuable auction items where 
bid costs just a few cents. The selling price of the items is 
typically very low compared to its intrinsic value (all are NEW and 
most are donated so that's what makes it possible). 

Recent examples....

iPod Nano (MSRP $149) that sold for $15.15
$50 American Express Gift Card ..... twenty CENTS!

Bidding gives you the chance to win the item, the proceeds of each 
bid help support our charity, and the gift of giving becomes 
affordable and exciting!

It took me a while looking at their website to figure out how it 
works, but basically it's like this:

1) Each bid that is made costs the bidder 60 cents. Most of this goes
  directly to the participating charity.

2) Each bid increases the price of the item by one (1) penny

3) The winner pays the ending bid price.

To bid you purchase a "bid package" that can be use for any item on 
the site -- they have some good stuff BTW

Bid packages start at $9.00

DETAILS on our (Insulin Pumpers') upcoming AUCTION

1 ea - $50 American Express Gift Card
1 ea - $50 Amazon Gift Card

The auction will be on:
Wednesday, Dec 5 at 5:00pm PST, 8:00pm EST

Auctions last exactly ONE hour

Where: https://www.charitytick.com/o/insulinpumpers

Visit the site, click the "Keep me posted" link to participate.

Best regards,
Michael Robinton
Executive Director
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website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org