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[IP] TSA strip search

The legal department of the American Diabetes Association is working on this
since the strip searches began. Many organizations dealing with people with
medical issues requiring special equipment, implants, attachments, etc. are
also working on this. Do contact ADA's attorneys by phone, email, and fax
(contacts are on their website at diabetes.org) to report this. The more
people that report this, the greater documentation the legal and medical
committees have to get the TSA to ease up on discriminating, embarrassing,
humiliating and harrassing diabetics and all others with medical issues
requiring specific medical equipment and products.
In 1989 someone blew up a plane over Lochabee, Scotland that carried many
college students. That is when security surfaced. Shortly after that, I flew
from Phoenix to NY - no problem until my attempt to return. At JFK, my insulin
with my kit (not on pump at that time) was confiscated - the scanner detected
insulin syringes in my carryon. I told the woman who demanded it that "you are
endangering my life"; her reply "you are endangering everyone else's life".
She said the airline would hold it until I got to Phoenix and refused to tell
me where it would be held. I cried for 45 minutes while waiting to board. Of
course my sugar went to 400 from the stress. The flight attendants had it but
told me they had to hold it until I needed it. When I returned, I contacted
ADA's attorneys several times. I later found out that my endocrinologist
became part of the medical committee for the TSA. Changes were made: TSA
cannot confiscate any prescription drugs or equipment. SO SPEAK UP - YOU WILL
Gilda Harris, type 1 59 yrs, pumping 12 yrs, Cozmo
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