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[IP] bolusing for the carbs in fiber

Beverly asked about calculating a bolus for a gob of cardboard. Well, not 
exacly, but asking how much insulin is needed to cover fiber I was amazed that 
we don't all know about this sort of thing already. Of course I don't, either, 
 but YOU should. I take a bolus of fiber every morning with my other drugs (it's
called Metamucil) and part of it is digestible and part is not. I have no idea 
 how much is converted to glucose and how much is just absorbed and floats
 in my bloodstream for a while soaking up cholesterol (which is the only reason
use it). 

I have found (through experience) that a five unit bolus about ten minutes 
 before I have my two cups of espresso and my tablespoon of NO SUGAR Metamucil
blood sugar excursions are covered.

So why don't you just TRY it and see how much YOU need for whatever kind or 
amount of fiber you ingest? Testing your OWN reactions are a LOT more valuable 
than any numbers retrieved from printed materials.

Good luck.

P.S. I suggest you GOOGLE "fiber" and have a look. I found a LOT of useful 
information in Wikipedia.

Nick Trubov
ntrubov at swbell dot net
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