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[IP] ASAP Revisited

May I remind or opine that (I believe) our member who started this thread, as
I remenber, earlier expressed less acute but serious issues with her control.
She was in the sixes with her A1c and wanted to go lower, to the fives, the
5's??!!. Many people here then advised her to ease up and listen to her
doctor, that she was not "normal", that she was a "diabetic".
This is a cautionary tale. On average I, at 7.0,  will outlive you at 6.0
because there is a much lower likelihood that I will wrap myself around a
telephone pole while driving, (or kill kids in the crosswalk) or not wake up
in the morning after a "successful" excursion into the 30's, 20's and teens..
All of us, step back, breathe deeply, relax and enjoy our lives. Do you
really, truly, know how great it is to live now, with insulin (1930's),
glucose testing machines (1970's), pumps (1980's), CGMs (2000's) and whatever
will come next?
If I have mis-identified the thread starter I apologize to her but also thank
her for giving me the opportunity to express my position. Use it or lose it as
you choose. Courage to you all, my friends.        
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