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Re: [IP] glucose levels and exercise/Jan

 This seems to be truly a YMMV thing. For me, I drop like a rock if I even look
at a treadmill. The tiniest bit of insulin is all it takes. I will not exercise
with any bolus IOB -- none. This means I must wait 3 1/2 hrs. after eating
before working out. Plus, I turn off my basal about an hour before. This will
keep me steady during an hour of intense cardio and weightlifting. If I go in
high, and I want to bring it down I will take 1/2 unit. This can bring a 300
down to a 100 after an hour in the gym.

 The only time I have ever risen as a result of exercise is when I have no bolus
IOB and turned off basal more than 3 hours before exercise.

It helps to have a Navigator.  Without my CGM the gym was always a hassle.

Buster in MD
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