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lancet? (was>re: [IP] Important Reminder)


Have known you a long time.   (glad we're both still able to kick 
bullies in the knee)

If I were the practising 3 year old I claim to be, time references 
would be irrelevant (not included).

Decided my replacement subject needed to be PC for me (tantrum time - 
see previous line)

My subject was edited multiple times: original> "LANCET CHANGE TIME?"

Personally wishing YOU (including George) well,
for the time that will be,

...proly tme 2 check my BS...

*** wondering about my sanity, having excluded: bed, bottle, sex, CAMERA  ***
*** aka: night time shooting, & 
...                                                               ***


At 12/31/2008   05:59 PM, you wrote:
         <caste reference deletion>
>Tonight is the night (well, those of you in Europe are already behind
>them times and never mind, Janette, I know I'm 9 hours late for you
>and all our Aussie friends)  But for those of us in the US, tonight is
>the night for your Annual (Semi-annual or Quarterly) Lancet Change.
>Happy Pumping New Year
>(and did I miss any pumpers in Fiji?)
<garbage snip> 
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