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Re: [IP] Cozmo waterproof??

hello everybody the cozmo and omnipod are ont even available to people on some
insurance's my wife's ins. company said minimed or minimed i told them no i
did'nt want that machine for my wife i wanted the accu check Sprit  or the
animas 2020 however the accu check does and animas was only available in ann
arbor but linda at u of m said animas 2020 only and not the sprit but even if
we were willing to pay the ins. said no to cozmo or omnipod or any other
system out there

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Subject: RE: [IP] Cozmo waterproof??

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The MSRP of the pumps are all with in a few hundred dollars of each other.
The ins company can make an arrangement with a pump company for a lower
price - typically by promising to bring most of the customers to them. 

What you pay has no bearing on the cost of the pump - it has to do with what
your Ins has negotiated.  They are trying to push you to one company or
another - for their own reasons - likely $$ 

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> no the insurance company's all pay the same amount for insulin pumps no
> which one you get its the compay
This isn't true.  My insurance would pay all but $600 for a Cozmo.  They
would pay a smaller amount for an Animas, leaving me with a co-pay of
over $3,000.  The pumps do not all have the same SRP and the negotiated
rate by your insurance company isn't the same.

Judi in MI
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