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RE: [IP] How to get low A1Cs?

Felix, Thank you for that fantastic.. and artful.. description of A1Cs  
and how they are determined. I am so happy to hear that a bad night or  
2 with high sugars can be relatively counter acted by several good  
days and nights of in-range sugars.

What journals do you read?? Why don't I know this after reading  
everything I get my hands on for the past 13 years??? Are these  
descriptions only in medical journals and not for those of us in the  
lay public living with diabetes? (I have a BS in Bio and an MS in  
Econ... so could understand all this. Do I need to go for a PhD in  
diabetes next?)

Also, if A1C is really a measure of our glyphosated red blood cells  
for the past 6 to 8 weeks, why don't we get new readings every 2  
months instead of every 3 months. I sort of feel like a more frequent  
feedback on how I am doing with my control would keep me more  
motivated and focused. Three months is a long time to keep going with  
out feedback.

Has anyone tried the A1C self-tests you can do at home? I would pay  
$20 every month or  2 months to keep track myself rather than waiting  
on the docs and labs to take my blood and get back to me in a week...  
I hate the wait! Compared to what we pay for cell phones, internet  
connections, cable TV, etc. I would pay this if it kept me motivated  
and on target to maintain better control.

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