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RE: [IP] Wisdom Teeth Extraction Success But BG Remains High - Need Advice

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Subject: [IP] Wisdom Teeth Extraction Success But BG Remains High - Need

Thank you to everyone for you recommendations and insight into how to 
handle Tarek's wisdom teeth extraction. He went under bright and early 
Monday morning and the procedure itself tooth only about 30 minutes. We 
spent more time in the oral surgeons office waiting for Tarek to stop 
vomiting and be conscious enough to get him to the car. They gave him 
phenegran (I think) to help with the nausea, but it didn't seem to help 
much. He spent most of the day Monday sleeping on the couch until late 
afternoon, then was ready to eat something.

His BG going into the procedure was 200 and was 210 afterwards which is 
what they wanted. We've been fighting high BGs since with only once 
getting it below 200 at 4:30 am this morning. He's been as high as 420.

I'm assuming that the highs are caused by the trauma to his mouth and/or 
possibly the pain medications. Although he's been on narcotics before 
and didn't have this kind of reaction. He's on amoxicillin for possible 
infection, 800mg ibuprofen, oxicodone, and dexamethadone (sorry, not 
sure about the spellings). He only takes the dexamethadone once in the 
morning and he's only been taking a half a pill of the oxicodone and the 
other two are three times a day.

We called our endo's office yesterday to get some advice and 
unfortunately, the idiot, old fart doctor was the one on call and he had 
absolutely nothing useful to give me. After I told him the situation and 
everything I was doing, he basically said, "yep, thats what you need to 
do." Ugh!

We've changed his infusion set yesterday, "just in case", but that did 
not help. He's running a basal rate of +50% of normal right now. Every 
time we bolus, it's with an additional 50% of the suggested dose for the 
BG correction. Thankfully, he's only had "small" ketones so far. He went 
through almost 100 units yesterday with all of the chasing highs we did 
all day.

I'm turning to you guys. I could really use some ideas of what we can do 
to get his blood sugar stable.


Mom to Tarek, 16 y.o., dx Type 1 11/98, Animas 2020, Novolog, FreeStyle Lite
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