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RE: [IP] was supplies/ Steriods

Leppanen, you wrote:  If you are ever on steroids (main ones are prenisone,
medrol (prenisinalone),you will see that your sugars go sky high.....

Goodness, do I know how this feels....  Sadly, I became diabetic before
steroids, but went on the the winter after, and have been on them since.  I
go up and down for another medical condition called MG for short.   Before
Thanksgiving this year I was finally down to only 30 mgs a day, and as of
today (after a 14 day hospital stay during Thanksgiving) I am now back to 80
a day.  Its such a nasty drug, I hate it...and wish I could come off of it.
I also receive 50 mgs of Solumedrol every Thursday and Friday, before
getting a medication called IVIG.  It drives my sugars NUTS.....

Oh well..... I guess some of us need it to stay alive right?

Happy New Year everyone,

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