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[IP] Re: How to wear Minimed Thigh-thing

 Thanks to everyone for your great suggestions about how to wear the pump on
your thigh. I've experimented with some of the ideas and they're great. That's
what I love about this site! Anyway, the ideas that seem to work for me in my
brief at-home tests are a big fabric covered hair scrunchy around my leg with
the pump clipped to it; a body shaper panty that comes down to just above my
knees with the pump tucked into it halfway down my thigh (there is elastic at
the bottom of the legs where the thing ends, so it prevents the pump from
sliding out the bottom), and an Ace bandage or sports tape wrapped around my leg
with the pump either tucked between it and my leg or clipped on the top. I'm
going to wear the body shaper thing tonight and take some of the sport tape in
my purse as a back-up. So far I wore the body shaper around the house this
morning for an hour and jogged, danced, etc. and the pump stayed in. For me,
that's the most comfortable of the options. The other ideas
  about fashioning a garter type device with elastic or sewing a pocket into
something are great too, but they require more work than the above ideas. Thanks
again for your help.
   Happy New Year! Pam
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