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Re: [IP] Catching a break or osmething else

 "I'm allergic to pencilin. A doctor gave me a script for this medication called
cephalexin its very similar to penicillin."

 Actually Cephalexin Hcl (Keflex) is not similar to penicillin, except in the
same classification of antibiotic.
 I am deadly allergic to ALL cillins AND macrolides (last time I took a
penicillin based antibiotic, I stop breathing, and had a full body case of
 The doctors of mine can put me on this medication all they want. It supposed to
be taking 1 tab 4 times per day. Last time I was on Keflex, I was prescribed 4
tablets 4 times a day (4 times the normal amount) and it did nothing, just got
worse.. ended up in ICU due to bilat bronch. pneumonia and could not breath and
IV antibiotics. Normal is 10-14 days. My average course of antibiotics is 21-28
days (although been known to take them for 3 months as I am a very hard to treat
patient with regards to bacterial infections).

 If one thinks that they are allergic to a specific medication, then one MUST go
into their physician and get it checked out. It migh be a side effect of the
medication, or a interaction with a concurrant medication, or a mild allergy.
One will not know until s/he is fully checked out.

R. Leppanen
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