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Re:[IP] Medicare and insulin for the pump

> If a person is on Medicare and has both A and B is the insulin for the 
> pump FULLY covered?>

Yes - IF you have a Medigap policy to cover the 20% that Medicare does not 
pay. That is why it is a *gap* policy - to cover that 20% gap. ;-)  That 
Part D policy and Advantage plan are not the same as the Part B. Your 
Medicare card has both parts A & B listed on it and tells when the 
coverage(s) started. Medicare Part D or the Advantage plan are not listed on 
your permanent little flimsy cardboard card.

BTW, all these credit card offers we get in junk mail with preprinted 
plastic cards, why are those tossable things of better quality than MC's 
permanent cardboard things?

And, to reiterate what I previously said, 20% of a $30,000.00 hospital stay 
(once or more times) is way more costly than the monthly premiums you pay to 
cover that gap.

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