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Re:[IP] Medicare and insulin for the pump

> I have a question regarding insulin for the pump. If a person is on
> Medicare and has both A and B is the insulin for the pump FULLY covered? >

I hope all IPers are paying attention that when you qualify for Medicare (65 
y/o, disability, or ESRD [End Stage Renal Disease]) you must sign up for 
Part B at that time. Otherwise you must wait until you turn 65. You may be 
disabled or have kidney failure way before that age and can't get Part B 
until 65. It is now about $54 a month, but it sure is a good cushion to 
have. Then, you also get a Medigap policy that will pay the 20% that 
Medicare Part B does not pay. I'm sorry for all the insurance costs, but 
consider what you'd pay otherwise.

Life is not a free ride and we have to act wisely.

I get my insulin (Novolog - WAS Humalog) and strips at the Target Pharmacy 
fully paid for by Part B and my Anthem BC/BS Medigap policy. Have been for 
5.5 years now. I get 250 strips a month and 2 vials of insulin a month.

And with all \the payments of  Part B, Anthem, and Part D with co-pays, they 
are all tax deductible if they meet the deduction required according to your 
income level. Also, count dr. visit copays for them, and meds, AND mileage 
to these places - even to pick up your meds. See your tax advisor.

Happy New Year,

Jan & Muskers- T-1 11/50 http://tinyurl.com/hqsk2  - 
http://tinyurl.com/z4j5f - http://tinyurl.com/er5c3 including evolution of 
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