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Re: [IP] supplies

 My diabetes came from a reaction to a medication. Prednisone. I was on it so
much for my asthma. The doctors said that it screwed my body up so much that
even though I came off it my glucose levels still stayed high. (300-600) After
almost two years on insulin I noticed that I kept dropping low. The doctors kept
titrating the insulin down until I was off it completely. I still watch what I
eat. I don't drink sugared soda or juice. But to this day even with my crazy job
schedule I am still running normal blood sugars. (The Lord be praised!)

Lola Emery <email @ redacted> wrote:

What happened that you don't need insulin anymore? You have Type I diabetes? I
am a Type I, 70 year old, and real curious.

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Victoria Waddell" 
To: "Pumpers" ; "Spirit" 
Sent: Sunday, December 30, 2007 8:51 PM
Subject: [IP] supplies

I am no longer on the pump due to not needing insulin anymore. 
I have several boxes of both Medtronic Paradigm reservoirs and the Paradigm
silhouettes (43 in tubing)
If anyone could use them I would not mind sending them to you. If you could
help out with shipping it would be nice but not required.

Victoria Waddell, EMT-B 

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