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Re: [IP] minimed

I live on Long Island in NY. My CDE said that she expects MM to cover the 
CGMS in January (here?) & she already has 1 or 2 people using it now (I 
didn't ask if they got insurance coverage...........DUH!!!!!). Now, 
truthfully, I'm really not interested in it. Another thing to find a place 
to stick into myself. Not thrilled. I'm going to wait & see what happens in 
the next couple of years with the GlucoTrack & OrSense (both topics covered 
here in the past) which are both non-invasive (wheher it's BG testing or CG 
monitoring). I'm a BIG fan of NO PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
suzeeq78 & ALI
MM   515    4/05

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>Subject: Re: [IP] minimed
>Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2006 06:09:00 +0000
>   I don't personally know anything about this particular pump. The one 
>that a lot of people never check out before considering it is whether or 
>your insurance company will cover the costs of the glucose sensors. This is
>considered a "non-essential" expense at this time according to most 
>companies because they are very expensive compared to the costs of strips 
>for a
>simple meter. So before you decide to go with ANY of the sensored pumps you 
>have your daughter check out everything with her insurance company.
>Just an FYI......
>mom to Joshua

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