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RE: [IP] NEW PURPLE PUMP!! (Orbit 90's)

I received some from the company right before the problem with the Leur
lock,  I hope that they are able to bring it back, it has been my favorite
set so far,  but who knows. 

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Sent: Tuesday, December 26, 2006 6:14 AM
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How/Where have you been getting the Orbit 90's???

I requested samples from the maker... First they told me I'd be receiving
samples "shortly"... Then, last I heard from them, they told me that due to
possible problems with their lueur lock fitting, and reported leakage, they
had recalled ALL their Orbit 90 infusion sets, and were no longer making
them available for Insulin Pump use until they got the problems with the
lueur lock resolved.

The Email I received informing me of the problems with their lueur lock
connection was sent to me on September 25, 2006. Which said... It looks like
we will start shipping samples again in about five weeks. If this is going
to be delayed I will let you know as well as posting updates on the Orbit 90
website & insulin pumpers.  For now I recommend you reorder from your
current source. As soon as we start shipping again I will send you a box of
P3061 Orbits.......

The pump port spike project was canceled due to lack of interest from
distributors and the market.

Sorry the follow up has been poor and I appreciate your willingness to try
the product."

........................End of edited Company Email response received

I'd still like to try them IF they are actually available... The company
told me I am still on the list to receive samples as soon as they are
RE-released... But since the above Email, I have NOT received ANY samples,
and have received NO MORE Emails from the company. Last I checked... FIVE
WEEKS would be about 1 1/2 months... And it has been more than THREE months
since I received the above Email. Originally, they had told me I'd also
receive samples of their Pump Port Spike (designed to make it easier to fill
the pump cartridges with NO air bubbles in the cartridge... But in the same
Email telling me of their problems with their lueur lock fittings, they told
me that their "pump port spike" had already been DISCONTINUED because of
lack of interest from their distributors. I guess their DISTRIBUTORS make up
"the market" instead of any customer demand... As if the distributor knows
what the FINAL CUSTOMER would want... But then again... If the Distributor
doesn't want to handle the product, how would the end user (FINAL CUSTOMER)
ever get a chance to try the product???


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Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2006 13:07:53 -0500
From: "Thomas J. De Mar" <email @ redacted>

I actually like the Orbit 90 better than the Cleo.  The Cleo is nice, but
the orbit actually is free moving so it does not get caught on anything.   I
just wish that I could find a place to order them from.

 I am considering a new pump in March 07, and thinking about a Purple Cozmo,
please let me know what you think of it.  I am currently using a blue,
because they did not have purple, Animas 1250.

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