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[IP] Re: Stomach Emptying Tests / Barbara

Yes, it is very odd that both of my children without diabetes or celiac have
slow stomach emptying.  With my oldest, who is extremely underweight, it first
showed up on an xray--can't remember what it is called--where you drink a
disgusting thick drink and they xray you every hour or so watching the
contents work its way through your digestive system.  We were at the hospital
all day for that, as it was such slow progress.

Both of my boys had the celiac biopsy at the same time and both had eaten
pizza the evening before.   The gastro doctor was quite shocked at the amount
of food in my second son's stomach, which was almost completely full he said.
The pathologist report said no celiac, but the gastroparesis explained why he
had been having such stomach aches and pains for so many years.  Being a
growing boy, he likes to eat a lot and at lunch time the food he ate was just
sitting on top of his breakfast still there.  I was having to pick him up at
school after lunch when he called home sick at least once a week.

The gastro doctor didn't offer me any suggestions to help with this and I
worry that this might be a cause of malabsorption of nutrients.  All three of
my kids have osteoporosis--with Claire they blamed it on the diabetes and
celiac.  But there is no explanation for the two boys, one of which was a kid
who lived on milk and yogurt most of his life.

Best wishes,
Barbara, mum of Claire 12, pumping 5.75 years
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