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Re: [IP] Dexcom accuracy

> At the end of the three days, the final fingerstick was 282,
> and the dexcom read 272.

 Most of my "calibration" readings differ from the Ultra by less than 10 points.
A bit less than 1/10 of the time, they're a perfect match. If that happens at
 night, when both me and my wife are home, I show her the two machines showing
the exact same numbers and say,

 "yep, these FIRST-GENERATION devices are no dang good at all. Can't trust 'em
worth a darn!"

 It happens so much that when she sees me coming with the One-Touch in one hand
and the Dexcom in the other, SHE says the joke for me.
 Nice to see that the accuracy was so good, but it's too bad that the actual bG
reading SUCKED.
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