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RE: [IP] minimed

I have been using the insulin pumps for about 9 years and am ready for a
change.  Has anyone used the Omni Pod yet?  I am in the process of ordering
one and was wondering if there are any users to help me get all the data I
can before switching over.....


God  Bless!!
Chris, Tam, Christian & Kaitlyn
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I do not  generally follow the IP list anymore so I have not been privy  to

comments or observations about the new MM pump that also does blood  glucose
readings using two different infusions.  My daughter, Lauren,  20 yo,
yrs is very interested in it

How is it?  Any  insights would be greatly appreciated.  We know absolutely
nothing  except that it exists.


Diane Dunham Massey,  JD
4402 Chipping Court
Sugar Land, Texas  77479-2945
fax  281-980-4085
email @ redacted

Contact Medtronic/Minimed (find their phone # on the Medtronic/Minimed  
website), and ask about having someone call you about information on the new

 Medtronic/Minimed Pump (522 or 722). They can tell you all about it, even
your house and demonstrate it. You will be surprised  on the progress of 
 technology! - Yours Sincerely - Jan G.-Type 1 since 1965, pumping since
Minimed pumps.

  I have been pumping since June 2006, and have been using the MM CGM since
August. I love it. It really gives me peace of mind since I am fairly
of my low BG's. I had very good luck with just the pump, bringing my A1c
down to
6.1 from 9.6. Since using the CGM, my latest a1c was 5.8. The longest I have
a sensor last is 8 days, but I usually change them after 6 days just because
scares me to have them in for too long. The MM representative that set me up
very helpful, and provided great follow up. The reports that are available
the CGM are outstanding, and really help to track trends. The only thing I
not like is the size of the transmitter. My endo said she has seen the new
sensor/transmitter, and it is significantly smaller. I hope it is out by the
time my current transmitters battery runs out.

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