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Re: [IP] Stomach Emptying Tests / Barbara

I totally agree with this.  I was tested for GP when I was 17, 2 years
before my diabetes diagnosis.  The gastric empty scan was totally clear and
normal.  But I felt fine that day it was done.  I was later diagnosed with
gastroparesis when I was observed vomiting food I ate the previous day.

> Hi Barbara,
> Stomach Emptying testing for Gastroparesis are not always accurate.
> Many people who suffer from Gastroparesis have erratic stomach emptying.
> It's quite possible to have the tests done on a "good day" and stomach
> emptying
> is normal .. Then test on other days and find delayed emptying.
> Although the most common cause of Gastroparesis is nerve damage caused by
> Diabetes, this is not the only cause.  GP may be caused by disruption /
> damage
> to the digestive systems nerves from severe food poisoning / from surgery
> or
> from
> other unknown causes ....
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