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[IP] Stomach Emptying Tests / Barbara

Hi Barbara,
Stomach Emptying testing for Gastroparesis are not always accurate.
Many people who suffer from Gastroparesis have erratic stomach emptying.
It's quite possible to have the tests done on a "good day" and stomach 
is normal .. Then test on other days and find delayed emptying.

Although the most common cause of Gastroparesis is nerve damage caused by
Diabetes, this is not the only cause.  GP may be caused by disruption / 
to the digestive systems nerves from severe food poisoning / from surgery or 
other unknown causes ....

It's possible you have family members who do not have Diabetes or Celiac 
but still have gastric emptying problems.

Warm Regards,
38 Years
Pumping 5+

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Sent: Saturday, December 30, 2006 9:57 PM
Subject: [IP] Re: Celiac disease

> Hi Pam,
> My daughter with Type 1 also has celiac.  I first suspected celiac when 
> she
> was five years old as she had many symptoms including very erratic blood
> sugars, but unfortunately either the doctor reading the result made a 
> mistake
> in interpreting the EMA test or else it was a false negative, but they 
> said
> she did NOT have celiac.  I asked for a repeat celiac screen a few years 
> later
> and this time the tTG blood test, which is the only one done where we now
> live, was very positive.  Her tTG was greater than 100 (this is how they
> reported it) where normal is zero to 20, and her gastro doc said she would
> have had celiac all her life.  She was consuming only tiny amounts of 
> wheat
> when she had the tTG done, as she had decided several years earlier, 
> around
> the time of the first negative screen, that she did not want to consume 
> any
> wheat as it gave her a tummy ache and refused to eat almost everything 
> with
> wheat.  After her diagnosis, I had the entire family checked and it turned 
> out
> that my husband, her Dad, also had celiac.  His tTG was greater than 200.
> Both were biopsied and confirmed.  My advice is that you should have the
> biopsy to confirm things and to find out how much damage there is to your
> intestine.  Then you will never question the diagnosis.
> My son also had a gastric emptying test, but he doesn't have diabetes.  He 
> ate
> the radioactive scrambled eggs and could walk around between the xray 
> times.
> The results of this test showed normal emptying.  However, when he was
> biopsied for celiac, the doctor found a lot of undigested food in his 
> stomach
> from 14 hours earlier, when they would have expected an empty stomach. 
> The
> gastro doc couldn't really explain this, but my interpretation is that a 
> test
> of scrambled eggs on an empty stomach is not a very adequate real world
> scenario.  Just something for you to consider.  My other son (non dm, non
> celiac) also had a huge amount of undigested food found in his stomach at
> biopsy, I figure with him why bother to have the gastric emptying study, I
> already know that his food is not digesting as quickly as it should.
> Best wishes,
> Barbara, mum of Claire 12, dx'ed dm at age 2
> .
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