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Re: [IP] Lantus and Pump

When my first daughter went on the pump the doctors had her on the pump and
lantus at the same time for safety reasons because of it all being new and
her only 10.  It did not last long......trying to balance the two was HARD!
When things were out of sink do you change the lantus does or the basels
...or maybe the bolus. When you are sick or exercising you have to make
some adjustments but what one and how much.  We could not get things
balanced and I was a up all night for fear of her going too low during the
night.  After learning what all to do I asked to have the lantus dropped.
They adjusted the dosages and it is eraser to now to make adjustments.  In
my opinion it is not worth the hassle to be on both insulin's.

Deb, Mom to Sarah 13, Rebekah 10 dxd5yrs pumping 3 yrs

> I am having trouble trusting the mechanics of my pump, and my infusion
> I read somewhere about a MD that uses both Lantus and the pump.  He uses
> Lantus Injections for 2/3 of his Basal, and then uses the pump for the
> He gets the convenience of having the pump to use to correct his high BS
> to bolus before meals, but has the Lantus on board, in case the pump or
> infusion set has troubles.   Has anyone ever heard of this?
> .
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