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[IP] Animas Update

Well, I had my pump start yesterday with the Animas pump trainer.  I must
say that it went very well.  My pump trainer when I started with the Minimed
pump 4 years ago took about an hour to hook me up and go.  That was the last
I ever saw of her.  The lady from Animas (Sharon) took 3.5 hours and went
over everything with me.  She looked at my numbers and made some
recomendations and talked to me for at least an hour about infusion sets
(types, plusses and minuses).  She left me with enough samples to last a
month plus gave me a full box of reservoirs.

I did the site change while she walked me through it and got me all set up.
After she left I cruised along and checked my BG and bolused for two meals
and a snack.  My blood sugar has not been higher than 98 since I started
using the Animas pump.  My wife and I were amazed. I can't answer why it was
better because I programmed in the same settings I had in my Minimed pump
but the proof is in the pudding so they say.

I don't like all the buttons you have to push to bolus, I don't like the
size of the fonts on the display but I do like my BG being so good.

If having these good a sugar level means pushing more buttons that is what I
will have to to.

Several people have told me not to switch pumps and let me, not my doctor
make my decisions.  I feel the same way to a point but my doctor I am sure
that he does not have any reason to recommend Animas other than he "likes
their service, and they make a good reliable product"  and those were his
words not mine.

I will keep you all posted, and thanks for all the comments and letters.

Mark Thomas
Edmond Ok
Animas 1250 pumping 5 years
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