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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V10 #239


My daughter (age 16) currently uses both Lantis and the pump.  The reason 
she does so, it because of the sports she is in.  When she play volleyball 
or basketball, she could easily be off her pump for an hour +.  It seems to 
work well for her....I think it would even be better anyone who is out of 
puberity, as that really makes her blood sugars swing.


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> Subject: insulin-pumpers-digest V10 #238
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> From: Walker, Robert (DMH)
> Date: 12/28/2006 8:12:21 AM
> To: 'email @ redacted'
> Subject: [IP] Lantus and Pump
> I am having trouble trusting the mechanics of my pump, and my 
> infusion sets. I read somewhere about a MD that uses both Lantus and 
> the pump.  He uses Lantus Injections for 2/3 of his Basal, and then 
> uses the pump for the rest. He gets the convenience of having the 
> pump to use to correct his high BS and to bolus before meals, but 
> has the Lantus on board, in case the pump or the infusion set has 
> troubles.   Has anyone ever heard of this? ..
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