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[IP] Re: Insulin on Board

 The new Minimed 515 also has a customizable IOB feature just like the Cozmo.
You can set the duration anywhere between 2 and 6 hours, although the factory
default setting is 6 hours which corresponds to the Novolog/Humalog
manufacturers' curves. As far as why none of the pump brands subtract the active
insulin from the recommended food bolus, it's because it is assumed that the
active insulin is still working to offset the previously eaten meal. As we know,
blood sugar can rise for several hours after a meal and if the insulin dose is
correct, this insulin is supposed to cover that meal. The bolus wizard does
however subtract the IOB from the correction bolus as a precaution to prevent
you from going low. This has been discussed before and I believe that all the
pump brands do it the same way. Pam

 My son Joshua has ben pumping with his Deltec Cozmo now for 1.5 years.  
LOVE the IOB feature and on ours you can choose your own IOB time.  MM 
 apparently has decided that everyone has the same IOB length of time 
so it
can't be
altered to fit your own body rythym.

Anyway, Cozmo has the IOB feature that is adjustable!!!! >
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